Esoteric Meandering

by Eddie Rascal

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released April 30, 2016

All music written and performed by Eddie Rascal.
Lyrics by Mac Hunt.
"Reptile Zoo" Cowritten by William Griggers.
Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Jesse Magnum at The Glow Recording Studio in Athens, GA.
Artwork by Paul Grabhorn.



all rights reserved


Eddie Rascal Atlanta, Georgia

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Track Name: Shoe Rack
This can't be what it seems,
Atlanta, I'm a refugee.
These lapses in my memories,
Are the only way I'm ever gonna go to sleep.
I had a vision of a washed-up bum in a basement,
Choking on the words as he sells his soul to make rent,
But God, if I go I'm taking you with me.

Blame it on my last drink,
Chillin' at a back street downtown dive bar,
Ready to go.
Blame it on a mixed up phone call,
Tell me something I already know.
Kickin' in the back door,
Lookin' for a passport,
Breaking shit and throwing up all over the hall.
Chillin' at a downtown dive bar,
Cigarettes inside cars,
Blame it on a phone call.

Blame it on history,
There's a little bit of alcohol in Listerine.
My slightly awkward tendencies,
That I just can't take with me.
I had a vision of a pretty little thing on a dance floor.
She's a Sagittarius but acts more like a Cancer,
And I don't think she works here,
But she's probably friends with the dancers.

Tell me that you want me around,
The only reason that you ever come to my side of town at all.
Kick back in a parking lot,
I tried to hide inside your car but it was locked.
I saw a picture of a couch in the woods,
Me and a couple of my buddies got a house in the hood,
And no, we don't work here,
But we probably would if we could.
Track Name: Little Johnny
Welcome to the age of the whack emcee,
Let me take a step back,
My girl'll smack them freaks casually,
A generation raised on blasphemy,
Catastrophe why this girl's mom won't stop coming after me,
A tragedy of epic proportions,
The Christ-child aborted,
And I can't get the blood up out my toilet,
Tellin' him to shoot but he couldn't drop the hammer,
So they grab his ass and said, 'Get the fuck back to Atlanta!'

And she's never coming back until she's got a little more to say.

Welcome to the age of death by mass prescription,
Give a bad description,
Mad he wouldn't listen,
Pissed off like the Pistols in 1977,
So angry we couldn't see 'em we bomb it like 9/11.
Confused cause this girl wants to talk and she looks flawless,
Where my dogs at?
Won't you know that they missed all this?
Shit talkin, time rolls on like a wrist watch,
In my flip flops teachin' ya how to commit fraud.

Welcome to the year ruled by a grand gesture,
Wish I'd never met her,
Bit the hand that fed her,
Fellas step back so the girls can get nasty,
Alcohol and crack like Mary Kate and Ashley,
Women like, 'Rascal lyrics get so trashy,
Take me out back in an alley and have at me!'
Look, an altercation,
An indian reservation with Satan,
And we're debating' our methods of tax evasion.

Little Johnny Bulger, he's so blind he didn't know her,
Had a laptop in his backpack and a song he wants to show her.
Track Name: Hospital
If the guilty had a face it would look a lot like mine,
Standing in a corner without an alibi,
And if Jesus had a ring-tone it'd be one of these songs,
And every time I called him he'd laugh and sing along.

He'd sing that you can take our money,
But you'll never take our pride.
And we'd rather live with friends like these,
Than be alone and just die.
You know that I've slept in castles,
And I passed out on a bench a time or two.
My friends are assholes,
And I need a few, a few more friends like you.

If Satan smelled like Marilyn he would live on my street,
He'd be selling heroin and I'd be packing heat,
And we'd meet him in a parking lot and steal the Devil's car,
And we'd trade in all his dope for pot and roll a fat cigar,

The day I turned 21 I didn't have my final drink,
I didn't cut my hair or start to care what other people think,
And when I smoke my last cigarette, the day I save my life.
It's weird how we like people more in coffins than alive.
Track Name: Aka Manto
Listen children, let me be,
A monster comes across the sea,
Vampires won't stand a chance,
To Aka Manto from Japan.
The foulest beast in all the world,
Appears to little boys and girls,
In form of handsome gentleman,
Til blood runs thick across the land,
He'll visit all the public schools,
And offers presents, red or blue,
He comes to test the children's greed,
And kill them dead or set them free.
Jack and Jill or Peter Pan,
The witches run the house again,
Ghosts or Zombies, fire dance,
The Aka Manto lends a hand.

So when you use the furthest stall,
And Aka Manto comes to call,
The cape you pick, the red or blue,
Decides the fate he gives to you,
So if you choose to pick the red,
Yu know for sure you'll end up dead,
He'll rip the skin right off your legs,
Till maggots feed inside your head.
And you know that if I were you,
Never would I pick the blue,
He'll wring your neck until you puke,
And all your skin's an awful hue,
Jack and Jill or Peter Pan,
The witches run the house again,
Ghosts or zombies, fire dance,
The Aka Manto lends a hand.

The kids who choose to play the part,
Of over taught or over smart,
They'll request the pink or green,
And Aka Manto grows obscene.
He'll grab the little boy or girl,
Drag them to the Netherworld,
Her brothers, sisters, all her friends,
Will never see the child again.
So if the monster comes to call,
Don't take his presents, none at all.
Refuse, refuse until he quits,
And peacefully finish your shit.
Track Name: Athens
Sometimes I find I talk to myself and stutter at what I can't say,
When the winter was made on the bad side of things, but it's summer holiday.
I always tried to ask her how long she would stay,
When the winter was made on the bad side of things, but it's summer holiday.

And nothing ever changed,
Like we thought it did,

She moved to Athens,
And she got a boyfriend,
And they're very, very, very fucking happy.
She moved to Athens,
And she got new friends,
and they're very, very, very fucking trendy.

I always thought you'd be happy forever, or maybe at least until,
Until we found out we were happy together, or maybe at least until,
She argued, talked to herself, 'How long must I stay?'
When the winter was made on the bad side of things, but it's summer holiday.

Sometimes I go to the bars down in Athens and think about when you left home,
And sometimes I go to the bars down in Athens and I sit on the steps all alone.
She always said she feels like her back's against a wall,
But I told her that we'd be happy together, or never be happy at all.
Track Name: Reptile Zoo
Lobotomy, that's my philosophy,
When Mama tries to put the fear of God in me,
I'm with misogynists smoking rocks over cannabis,
These women throwing hands at us,
And zoning off the Xanax dust,
Child prodigy's milder than he thought to be,
Smiling at the thought of me,
Mile before she gets off of me,
Toxicology, theology is overlooked,
And all the places that I wanna play are overbooked.

I've got my finger on the trigger and it's plain to see,
I've got a drink in my hand for my complacency,
But if you want it, you can get it and it's plain to see,
That there's a picture in my wallet of a basement scene, now.

Backlash with black ash,
Hit a liquor store to grab cash,
You got that? I'm back fast,
Triple Sec in a rocks glass with a top hat,
Triple Sec in a rocks glass when the cops pass,
Back talk, make formaldehyde out of crack rock,
Blast off, standing at a mic with an Ascott,
I fuck with vaped weed and fake speed,
Try me and I'll get a fucking basement going crazy.